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NII uses iDEN® (integrated Digital Enhanced Network), technology developed by Motorola, which utilizes state-of-the-art packet-based transmission methods to provide instant access, low latency, high voice quality and dependable communications.

iDEN consolidates multiple communications devices into one, while providing the highest quality Push-to-Talk (PTT) functionality. iDEN handsets have everything clients need to make their business or personal lives easier by offering fast, flexible and cost-effective communications.

In Latin America, NII’s subsidiaries deliver iDEN coverage in major cities in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru. iDEN technology is also available in the United States through Sprint Nextel and other carriers, including Southern LINC, Boost Mobile and Extend America. In Canada, Asia and parts of the Middle East, iDEN is present through international service providers such as KTPowertel and TELUS.

As proof of our continued commitment to iDEN technology, in 2010, we extended our contract with Motorola Solutions to supply hardware, software and services. In 2011, we extended our handset supplier agreement with Motorola Mobility to supply iDEN handsets through 2014. The extension of this solid relationship expands the scope of the supply agreement to also provide a range of new handsets and services for NII’s next-generation networks, including PTT and 3G-enabled handsets, as well as exciting devices and accessories.

As customers around the world are discovering the power and efficiency of mobile communications with NII subsidiaries, the future of our company looks extremely bright.

3G Capabilities

In 2009, NII evolved its business by developing 3G capabilities that allowed the company to provide additional wireless services to more customers in more places. To date, a great deal of progress has been made on the 3G strategy.

In 2009, NII and its subsidiary, Nextel Peru, deployed their 3G network and launched their first 3G service - Internet Nextel. Nextel Peru launched Push-to-Talk service on its 3G network.

In Chile, NII and its subsidiary, Nextel Chile, secured 60MHz of 3G spectrum in 2009. As a result, the company began to develop a 3G network,and plans to commercially launch its 3G network this year.

In Mexico, NII was awarded the concession for 30MHz spectrum in the 2010 auction. The new spectrum will support a 3G network that will enable Nextel Mexico to bring more services and options to the Mexican wireless market. The company is currently deploying infrastructure to deploy a 3G network in Mexico and plans to commercially launch this year.

In late 2010, NII was the winning bidder of a national 3G license and is moving forward with the deployment of the 3G network in Brazil and targeting a commercial launch this year.

Finally, NII is evaluating the possibility of participating in the upcoming spectrum auction in Argentina, which is planned to take place this year.

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